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..About MaryLynn..


MaryLynn was first and foremost a family-woman. She spent her most cherished moments beside her immediate and extended family, as well as her closest friends who also became family.

She was a daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, godmother and friend to all of us who are so grateful for the opportunity to have spent time with her.

She gave all of herself to those around her and focused her attention on bettering and advancing the successes of others. From being a child to being a mother, she was someone you could always rely on for whatever form of support you needed. She was there to listen.

Due to the loving influence of her father, MaryLynn dedicated her career to working as a nurse. She did so in many different capacities, enabling her to have substantially direct and globally indirect influences on our healthcare system. She loved the work she did and the impacts she had on her patients. This easily translated over to a generous appreciation for the gynecological oncology team at UNC Hospitals that took charge of her care during her diagnosis and life as a gyn-one patient. She was always so grateful to her team of healthcare providers for their hard work.


She sought out the good things in life... ways to be active and healthy, all while making others happy, conserving our environment, giving to those less fortunate, volunteering for local causes that spoke to her and her family, and helping others grow spiritually. No matter how long she lived on this earth, she believed in the power of these ideals and leaned on her faith in times of need.

MaryLynn loved to travel and spend time at home with friends and family. She took advantage of every opportunity to explore the US National Parks System, as well as international destinations. Even right in the middle of rounds of chemo, she joined her family hiking some of the most unique and toughest terrain the US has to offer. She found comfort in remaining fit, energetic, and lively. 


MaryLynn wasn't just one thing, but embodied all things good.


Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.

- Walt Whitman


“MaryLynn was an intelligent woman. Not just intellectually, but emotionally. She was a spirit on earth and I now hope her spirit is free and limitless. She had such a strong love for her family and desire to fill life with purpose and meaning. She was able to “fight” her disease without being angry or paralyzed by fear because she had such a spiritual understanding of what it means to be “alive”. She was an example and while I very much wish that she had a longer journey on earth am certain that her journey has just begun.” — John Boggess, MD

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