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Our Board Members

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Patrick Hardesty


Determined to continue MaryLynn's legacy and make her presence known to friends and family, and the communities of Eastern NC, it was an easy decision for Patrick to take the lead on creating this foundation. He's happy to see how he can create positive change for women diagnosed with gynecological cancers.

Kristen Hardesty


Maya Angelou said it best; “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." With the reality of poor prognoses and detection strategies in mind, it is time for all of us to join the gynecological cancer community by elevating our voices for women affected with ovarian cancer. Join me in speaking truth to power, in honor of MLH, as we collaborate with our communities to fund progress for better outcomes against ovarian cancer. 

Susan Hunter


No one fought harder to survive (ovarian) cancer than my sister MaryLynn did; but a late stage diagnosis is nearly impossible to overcome. Knowing that the most realistic and viable hope for surviving ovarian cancer is early detection, it follows that awareness for all women is crucial until an early and universal diagnostic is in place. Women need to know the symptoms and feel empowered to advocate for their care; most specifically we need to educate that a pap smear does not detect ovarian cancer. It is my hope that the MaryLynn Hardesty Foundation and our annual race will shine the teal light for women affected by this disease. Let’s make loud the symptoms of the silent killer and save our mothers, daughters, sisters, partners and friends.

Shawn Hardesty


The vast majority of people diagnosed with cancer are surprised and did not see it coming; this could not have been more true for my wife. She always made very healthy choices, exercised regularly, and had no family history of cancer or other genetic risk factors. No one could have been at less of a risk than her. My goal is to keep this story from happening to other women through education on the signs/symptoms of the disease, along with advocating for funding to find a useful diagnostic tool.

Brenda White


After 30 plus years of nursing in the field of women’s health, I have seen pain and suffering, but also unbelievable strength, bravery and determination. None more so than by my friend Marylynn Hardesty. She was also given amazing love and support by her family. I am honored to be apart of this foundation. 

April Sussman


Gynecological cancers are something that are rarely discussed within the general public. This foundation could be exactly what our society needs to bring activism, research, and awareness to a lesser known but also a deadly form of cancer that needs to be on the forefront of cancer research teams. It is now our job to fight for awareness and research funding just as hard as Marylynn fought her battle and continue what she was not able to. We can create change together.

Inspiration for the design of our website came from our friends at OCRA, NOCC, and Casting for Hope.

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